Track and improve your organization’s social and environmental impact with the help of regular sustainability reports and showcasing your Micro-Farm through fresh eating and interactive activities. 


Every Micro-Farm™
Makes An Impact

Become an agent of change.

Every Babylon® Micro-Farm™ is equipped to change the world. From sustainable farming practices to a massive reduction of emissions and chemicals, you become part of the delicious solution our planet needs.

Creating Food Freedom

Getting back to the roots of growing.

Babylon® was founded on the belief that growing your own highly nutritious produce should be sustainable and simple. That’s why the Babylon® Micro-Farm™ was created. Now anyone can grow nutritious and great-tasting produce, no matter their ability. Get back to the roots of growing. Get back to the source and simplify your food.

Impacting Education

How Babylon® makes schools and universities a little smarter.

• Students are focused on protecting the environment

• Students love seeing where their food originates

• Micro-Farms™ add a unique and elegant showpiece

• Low-maintenance and consistent year-round produce

Enriching Senior

Living Communities

Engaging seniors into food and fond memories with safe alternatives.

• An ever-changing and stimulating point of conversation

• Greater food safety with complete transparency

• Great taste increases consumption of greens

• Nutrient-dense produce delivers great health benefits

Making Hospitals Healthier

Serving up the safest and most nutritious produce.

• Reduced risk of exposure to outside pathogens like salmonella

• Supports sustainability initiatives by drastically reducing carbon footprint

• Generates excitement among guests, enhancing dining experience

• Cleaner and brighter taste increases food quality

Let’s Change The World

Clean, sustainable, pesticide-free food, grown as locally as it possibly can be. Do good with us.