Local Service Providers

Babylon’s trusted partners in select cities offer enhanced services to help install and maintain your Babylon Micro-Farm.

These on-site services may include:

  • Fully planting the farm at install
  • Weekly farm operations
  • Harvesting and packaging produce in take-home containers
  • Performing deep cleanings
  • Nutrient replacement and sensor calibration
  • Educational programming

Interested in taking advantage of one or more of these services?

Full-Service Providers

Green City Growers

Green City Growers is a mission-driven urban farming company transforming underutilized spaces into biodiverse landscapes. The company manages over 200 unique farm and garden locations throughout the Northeast.

Partnership services offered in:

  • New York City
  • Boston
  • Dallas
  • Cincinnati

Freight To Plate

Freight to Plate® is a women-owned agriculture service company that brings hyperlocal food systems to life in all communities. Freight to Plate offers Farming as an Amenity (FaaA) services that make year-round access to fresh produce possible anywhere you work, live, or play. Let’s grow together!

Partnership services offered in:

  • Chicago

City Farmery

City Farmery‘s indoor vertical farms in urban areas create sustainable food networks. Our unique Farming-as-a-Service provides “green” entrepreneurial opportunities for licensees, promoting locally sourced food production and distributed networks.

Partnership services offered in:

  • Las Vegas
  • Seattle 


Waterborn is increasing awareness and availability of nutritionally superior indoor farmed produce.  Offering micro farm systems and educational courses, customers learn and build confidence from the satisfaction of growing their own food.

Partnership services offered in:

  • Detroit

Ready to get started?

Contact us for these premier on-site service options now available in select cities.

It is truly a seamless experience. Babylon is with you every step of the way

Jeremy Tavares

Jeremy Tavares

EVP & Chief Experience Officer - River Spring Senior Living & NexDine Hospitality

Here at Zurich, sustainability is a very important matter, and with the Babylon Micro-Farm it reduces the need for trucking produce to use which uses gas that contributes to greenhouse gas emissions

Matthew Carlson

Matthew Carlson

Executive Chef - Zurich Insurance
Our students appreciate the emphasis that Babylon Farm brings to healthy eating.
Pam Neff

Pam Neff

Resident District Manager - VCU / Aramark

Honey, I was there when they were installing it! I was so excited! All I could think about was being a young girl helping my mother in the garden, picking veggies. It brought back my very best memories.

Elsie H.

Elsie H.

Community Resident - Commonwealth Senior Living
Consumption of leafy greens has gone up 35% since our Babylon Micro-Farms were installed.
Bob Raymond

Bob Raymond

VP of Dining & Procurement - Commonwealth Senior Living

I’ve had two interns help me with this project and they are very passionate about sustainable growth and farming. The students can see everything growing from planting to harvesting, which is fantastic.

Lindsay Klingenschmidt

Lindsay Klingenschmidt

Sustainability Manager - Aramark

Our cafe on campus has seen a lot of success with the produce from the Micro-Farm. Students are adding greens to their pizzas, salads, and noodle bowls

Matt Jewell

Matt Jewell

Assistant Manager - Selleck Dining Hall, U. Nebraska

My favorite part was explaining and showing people how the farm actually works, now I’m not afraid to take chances when it comes to different jobs and me not knowing what’s to come

 Michaela - CHAT & Rise Cafe


Assistant Grower - CHAT & Rise Cafe