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6/1/2023 – Richmond, Va

Babylon Micro-Farms, a pioneer in indoor hydroponic farming systems, has been approved by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) to license the Works with WELL trademark for its flagship product, Galleri, the first food-safe indoor vertical farming system with this distinction.

Galleri’s alignment with health features in the WELL Building Standard validates Babylon’s commitment to promoting healthy eating and access to nature. The hydroponic indoor farm system is confirmed to align with three features under the WELL Nourishment concept. Specifically, it aligns with feature N12.1 for providing gardening space, N07.1 for providing nutrition education, and N04.1 for optimizing food advertising. Galleri is also aligned with two features under the WELL Mind concept, M02.1 for providing connection to nature and M09.1 for providing nature access indoors.

The WELL Nourishment concept requires the availability of fruits and vegetables and nutritional transparency. It encourages the creation of food environments where the healthiest choice is the easiest choice. Incorporating a Babylon Galleri Micro-Farm in a project’s lobby, dining area, or workspace helps achieve the aligned WELL features for the project, earning points toward WELL Certification goals.

As workers return to the office, Babylon Micro-Farms helps businesses promote holistic, healthy living. Galleri’s elegant, biophilic design can help boost employee mental health, inspire better eating habits, and drive a desire to live healthily. Return on investment goes beyond the produce growing within each Micro-Farm.

“We are thrilled to join forces with IWBI through sustainable and innovative farming practices,” said Alexander Olesen, CEO & Co-Founder of Babylon Micro-Farms. “I’m personally proud of our team’s work to create a sustainable experience that benefits the communities we serve. Fostering connection among people around the food they eat; motivating them to lead healthier, more sustainable lives.”

Each Micro-Farm uses remote monitoring to ensure optimal plant growth and health while using ten times less water than traditional agricultural practices. Babylon Micro-Farms has provided efficient and environmentally friendly hydroponic systems to partners at universities, senior living communities, resorts, and corporate offices nationwide.

The Works with WELL alignment for Babylon Micro-Farms’ Galleri represents an exciting step forward for sustainable food production and healthy indoor environments. The WELL alignment recognizes innovative and sustainable design practices that benefit people and the planet.


About Babylon Micro-FarmsⓇ
Babylon Micro-Farms builds its farms at its state-of-the-art facility in Richmond, VA. Babylon has developed patented technology to power the indoor hydroponic farms and farming service that enable businesses and communities to have a year-round supply of ultra-fresh produce. Babylon makes farming accessible to everyone through technology integrations and excellent customer support. The latest farms incorporate more sensors and are designed to reduce maintenance and harvest times significantly. Farming onsite has a sustainable and significant impact on the company’s customer base, which includes global leaders like Aramark, Ikea, MSC Cruise Lines, Linkedin, and Sodexo, along with many schools, venues, stores, hospitals, and senior care facilities.


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