Your company wouldn’t be functioning without the hard work and dedication of your staff. Day in and day out, they serve your business and help further its future. To retain happy, healthy employees for years to come, consider implementing an employee wellness program. 

Show employees how much you genuinely care about their well-being in and outside the workplace.

Learn the benefits of corporate wellness programs for both your company and employees.

1. Healthy Employees Are More Productive

Every employer wants to boost their employees’ level of productivity, but how?

Did you know that health and nutritional wellness link to cognitive wellness? Your brain needs fuel, but not just any fuel – high-quality foods that provide long-lasting energy. 

Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance,” according to Harvard Business Review author, Ron Friedman.

In other words, people who eat healthier at work tend to focus and retain information better than those with an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Have you ever heard of “brain food?” Several foods are associated with boosting brain power such as berries, walnuts, leafy vegetables, and fatty fish. However, your employees probably aren’t showing up to work with a bag of fresh produce.

Partnering with a company like Babylon-Micro Farms can help you empower healthy employees in the workplace. 

We can quickly install a smart, indoor farming system with a seed bank delivered right to your door. Our team of gardening experts will remotely manage your farm for an optimal harvest. Plus, you can monitor your garden through an app, giving your office fresh, healthy vegetables within arms reach. 

2. Reduce Employee Health Risks

The traditional American diet exceeds the recommended consumption levels and limits of calories from solid fats and added sugars, refined grains, sodium, and saturated fat. The general unhealth of an average American explains these daunting statistics on health and wellness:

If you can help employees form healthy habits in the office, you’re supporting their wellness outside of the office. Employer wellness programs give employees access to professional medical help when they need it and take preventative measures when appropriate. 

As it currently stands, studies show that diseases such as diabetes are likely to increase by more than 50% by 2030. 

Employee wellness programs give employees health on a silver platter, which they might not have otherwise. Help employees defeat the odds and reduce their health risks with a wellness program that promotes healthier nutrition and effective behavior changes.

3. Reduce Employee Wellness Program Costs

If you’re wondering how employee wellness programs benefit employers, here’s the answer: Employee wellness programs save employers money.

As Rucker notes, “The notion that workplace wellness can reduce an organization’s costs is not a new concept” (International Journal of Workplace Health Management). Unfortunately, some companies don’t take advantage of the benefits, and their employees pay for it.

Why have a wellness program? You can help prevent employees from becoming part of the statistics above, and, as a result, save money on employee healthcare costs.

A Rand study reviewed a decade of data from Fortune 100 employer’s wellness programs, and the cost savings amounted to $136 per member and a 30% reduction in hospital admissions. 

The benefits of promotion of health and wellness in the workplace are equally helpful to employers and employees. Be the change in your company and promote wellness.

4. Help Employees Pursue Personal Wellness Goals

Many of your employees may think about getting healthier, but they haven’t taken actionable steps to make it a reality. One of the benefits of corporate wellness programs that you can’t quantify is inspiring your staff to pursue a healthier version of themselves.

As the saying goes: the first step is always the hardest. You can help employees start a life-changing health journey by providing the information and resources they need.

For example, integrate a step-counting competition at work. What started as healthy workplace competition may turn into an employee’s passion for running!

Start Meatless Monday to encourage plant-based eating to promote employee health and support the environment. You may find that some employees enjoy a vegetarian day of the week and pursue an entirely plant-based lifestyle.

Giving your employees the initial push and introduction to health and wellness that they needed won’t go unnoticed. Start pursuing health in small ways to create a ripple effect in your business.

5. Lessen Stress in Your Workplace

Do you want to reduce the amount of stress in your workplace? Stress doesn’t just happen at work, but it follows everyone – employees and employers – home.

A MediKeeper survey found that nationwide, people with access to an employee wellness program are less stressed about work and less stressed overall than the general population.

Employee wellness programs shouldn’t merely be focused on promoting constant workouts and a healthy diet. Be sure to motivate employees to prioritize their mental health as well.

You can do this by integrating mental health days off, encouraging conversation about mental illness, and providing resources for those who need professional help.

Consider implementing mental wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, and daily walks to help your employees reduce their stress levels during the workday.

Bring Employee Wellness Into The Workplace

Now that you’ve seen several benefits associated with employee wellness programs, it’s time to start one today.

Begin a lifelong journey of wellness in the workplace by installing micro-farms. Indoor farming is the wave of the future, and your company can lead the way.

Compact, indoor micro-farms can be a great way to show your dedication to employee wellness by providing fresh, healthy, pesticide-free food at their fingertips. Go above and beyond for your staff to promote the importance of employee health to your company.

Contact Babylon Micro-Farms to get started, ask questions, or get more information on using indoor farms to support your employees’ wellness.