Grow Picture-Perfect Produce

GuidedGrowing™ makes indoor farming possible.

Farming At Your Fingertips

GuidedGrowing™ provides you all the guidance you need to be a successful indoor Micro-Farmer. From germination and crop care to harvesting and support, it has your back every step of the way.

GuidedGrowing™ Capabilities

Run Your Micro-Farm™

From turning the lights on to harvest alerts, GuidedGrowing™ guides you every step of the way to delicious food.

Plan Your Babylon Box™

Choose the produce you want to grow from a custom menu and we’ll deliver them to you ready to grow.

Monitor Your Growth

Access live data on your Micro-Farm™  from anywhere in the world.


We have your back 24/7 through remote monitoring, videos, step-by-step instructions, and real people.

GuidedGrowing™ App

Your gateway into the magic of AI-powered smart farming.

Full Visibility

GuidedGrowing™ helps you see important details that make a difference. View live growing data to understand the health of your produce. Access real-time video feeds of your crops. AutoFarmer mode controls all variables inside the Micro-Farm. Automation creates a stress-free farming experience.


GuidedGrowing™ eliminates the uncertainty of indoor farming by keeping you on track with push notifications. From conducting regular maintenance and system checks to rotating crops and the highly-anticipated harvest alerts, the app keeps you informed and in total control of your Micro-Farm™. 

Farm Knowledge

GuidedGrowing™ provides a wealth of information on all things related to your plants and Micro-Farm™. Scan your seed’s QR code to learn more about what you’re growing and when to harvest. Video tutorials are always available for researching the knowledge base. And when it’s time to harvest, follow simple step-by-step instructions to get the best yield.

Human Support

With GuidedGrowing™ you are always connected to real Micro-Farming™ experts at Babylon. Your Micro-Farm™ is connected, remotely monitored, and supported through the cloud. And if anytime you get stuck or have questions, don’t worry. Simply reach out to your dedicated expert through Cloud Farm™ and get world class, real human support. 

Let’s Grow Together

We would love to to help tell your sustainability story. Let us show you how easy it is.